Ice Latte。

2014/08/09 Saturday

I made thisー ♪



Ice Latte。


Soy milk、Milk、Maple Syrup、Flour。



A bit of ice。


It taste kinda like Sarutahiko’s。(tn: Name of a coffee shop)
So rich。

And then to continue…



lol, Oatmeal cookie

Yes、 again。lol


Because it’s easy。
Just mix and bake。

Is this what they said to get interested in something?

I’m always troubled when someone asked what I’m interested in。。

I want a personal cookie jar。
I think I will finish everything for now。



I’ve been translating Nacchi’s blog since I started this blog.

From now, I will post my translation of Nacchi’s blog on blog!project. There are lot’s of other H!P blog translation there as well.  Definitely a must see!!!  (*^w^*)

They are also looking for translator so, if you are interested, feel free to ask them out.

Except for Nacchi’s blog, I will still translate other random stuff or blog post here…



2011/07/23 Saturday

Today‥the last performance in Tokyo!!!

And then‥
723(Natsumi) Day♪  (tn: 7-Nana, 2-Futatsu, 3-Mitsu)

While eating 723 kernels of corn‥

having a loud festival with Nacchi’s songs‥w

thinking of Nacchi’s existence‥

it’s a day to experience loーーーts of Nacchi♪


(*^w^) Happy ↑↑


Today, that kind of 723 day‥last performance!!

it’s been decided!!

Carefully‥with all my strength!!

I’m off!!


The other day、when Natsu-sensei came I received these flowers↑


I’m off!!


2011/07/22 Friday

My juniors who came to watch 「Wuthering Heights」 the other day↓

℃-ute’s Yajiman、Mai-chan、Okai-chan♪

Everyone have grown up

The height‥just in the little time that we did not meet it already passed mine w;

Frightening growing period!w

Others who came like Morning Musume。Ai-chan and Kame-chan‥♪

Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu-chan also came♪

Everyone, thank you↑ Happy

Everyone、told me that Summer Hello! is just starting‥*`*`*`☆

Please give us your support!↑


Nachi Catherine is、finally tomorrow‥the last performance in Tokyo!

I will be waiting♪
Doki doki‥